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From October, 1862, to January,1883, he was connected with Superintendent Zouch‘s office, which he managed, and in the absence of the superintendent he had entire charge – on some occasions for two months at a time.

During this long time, which embraced the period when such notorious criminals as Hall, Gilbert, Dunn, Burke.

He remained two years in the service in Ireland, and then came to this country.


He leaves the force without having been subjected to even a reprimand, after a service of 43½ years, His duties were formally handed over to Sub-Inspector Mc Vane, who has a thorough knowledge of the district and its surroundings.In March 11th of that year, in competition with the entire Sydney police, he gained a clerkship, with the rank of acting-sergeant, In the office of Captain Mc Lerie, the late Inspector-General of Police in New South Wales.



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