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An official release by the CIA links Golgo-13 to the KGB (the Soviet intelligence group).Under these circumstances, the CIA copter incident and the unknown where-abouts of Cassandra-G become entangled.Ottimamente costruito, ben equilibrato e concentrato sulla cucina: Top Chef Italia inizia benissimo, senza inciampi e con una direzione molto netta che guarda alla gara e all'alta cucina.La confezione raccoglie il meglio del genere - dal montaggio chirurgico alla 'classica' colonna sonora (neutra ma 'tensiva'), dalle inquadrature alla regia - e la gara serra tempi e prove, lasciando che i siano i piatti i veri protagonisti.The Japanese-version include 2-original-uncensored-sequences (prompting the player to "Press the A-button to 'view the nudity.' Press the B-button to 'skip the nudity.'"), which had Cherry Grace and Eve Christy, respectively, remove their dresses for Golgo 13 in their hotel rooms, leaving them "dressed only in panties," for a few seconds.In the beginning of the mission in Greece, if the player walks to the right several paces and then walks back to the beginning of the level, a pack of cigarettes is seen on the ground.(as given by Nintendo) High above New York City a helicopter explodes.Aboard the craft is the latest biological warfare weapon which has been secretly developed by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)... A vaccine and plans have been stolen are among the fragments of the helicopter wreckage along with a shell fired from an M16.


The game consists, chronologically, of 13 acts (all named for classic films): One of the most challenging aspects of the game is that these acts are intended to be played out as though they were a limited number of episodes in a television series, or perhaps as issues in a limited series comic book since the game's title character originates in Japanese manga.

In the original Japanese version, the DREK "empire" is actually the resurrected Nazi regime, but this was changed so as to fit the prohibition against political advocacy, racial and or ethnic stereotyping.


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