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Tao sells "Asia," a bro-friendly bacchanalia where everyone is fluent in the universal language of loosened ties. Really, where else can New York diners pay gustatory tribute to the life of the humble Siddhartha in a way that would make both Lil Wayne and Michael Bay proud?Just in case you have any illusions on the popularity of these venues, the three Tao restaurants plus two Lavos are five of the top-grossing independent restaurants in the U.False Information in Profiles can lead to the suspension of your account and loss of any funds. Here's a little truth for all the young chefs out there who want to change the world with big culinary ideas: Vandal on the Bowery is more popular than the latest Brooklyn-Italian spot selling hard-to-pronounce pasta shapes, the newest pastrami pizza joint with two hour waits, the chicest brunch-centric restaurant that gives out free cookies, or the most ethical chicken sandwich stand at Citi Field. Then consider this: It's easier to get a prime time reservation at the twelve-seat Semilla, one of the most celebrated and ambitious new restaurants of the past two years, than it is at Vandal, a 22,000 square foot space specializing in mini-ramen, mini-burgers, mini-knishes, and an assortment of ostensibly edible things that have been fried into balls.Years before Carbone sold the experience of pairing chicken parm with Jersey-accented waiters who sing on Saturday nights, the Tao Group's blockbuster Lavo hawked spaghetti with Kobe meatballs while the club downstairs hosted bikini brunches.Then there is the Tao juggernaut itself, a trio of hot spots in Midtown, West Chelsea, and Las Vegas, where the diverse foodways of the global East are diluted down to overpriced Red Bull, wontons, and Wagyu. The food ranges from awful to passable, but I've found that sitting on Tao's candlelit staircase while overlooking the 24-armed Buddha statue is as surefire a way to impress one sort of date as cocktails at Bemelmans is another.You may not promote in a way that could be considered spamming.

The name of the dish is a portmanteau of three trendy foodstuffs: the banh mi, a Vietnamese sandwich of pate, pork, pickled carrots and chiles; the slider, a tiny White Castle-style burger; and the meatball, an Italian-American symbol of thrift.

Now here's what you actually get: a single dense ball of spiced ground lamb, sandwiched within a slaw-stuffed baguette.


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