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Understanding the natural ebb and flow of how your hormones work in each phase of your cycle can be the key to maximizing your dating life!The first day of bleeding is considered Day 1 of your cycle.In the second half of this phase, lower levels of estrogen and testosterone combined with slow-you-down progesterone lower your libido and calm your thoughts, making you less easily distracted.Now is a good time for organizing your home and taking care of your personal to-do’s.Well, they do…next time pay attention to the looks you get.As testosterone rises to peak levels, it might be difficult to focus on anything but sex.You might even be more open to a brief fling during this time. During the first week, you will continue to ride high off the ovulatory phase as estrogen and testosterone gradually decline. The follicle that released the egg will begin to produce progesterone to prepare for a potential pregnancy.

Instead, consider clearing your calendar of big social and dating events and make a date with yourself.FSH stimulates the follicles (which contain your eggs) in your ovaries to mature.


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