Dating muslim woman causes dating more then one

The same has happened to women seeking to obtain passport and NSA photos.



Teachers in public school have been prevented from wearing religious garb, a bar that has been authorized by some state statutes and upheld by some courts.

Women also have been harassed by police officers for wearing headscarves, both when being arrested, and amusement parks unless they submit to being searched by male guards or agree to remove their headcoverings and other garments that they wear for religious reasons.

In obtaining drivers' licenses and otherwise engaging in civic life: Muslim women have been denied drivers' licenses unless they remove their headcoverings for the photograph.

At school: Muslim girls who wear headscarves, or whose mothers wear headscarves, have been harassed and assaulted.

while visiting family members in correctional institutions, while accompanying family members to court, and even while working in correctional institutions.

Many Muslim women, although by no means all, practice hijab in accordance with their religious beliefs: these women may wear a headscarf, also known as hijab or khimar, and loose-fitting clothing when they are in public and when they are in the presence of men who are not part of their immediate family.


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