Fortunately enough, I was paired on all of Emily's dates, I just wasn't HER date.

You can probably guess how excited/nervous I was on all these unofficial dates.

I don't know how it all happened so fast, but I wouldn't change one thing. Genesis So, after reading Thomas' side of how we got started, it seems only fair to give ya'll the REAL version now!

I never saw or remember meeting Thomas at the ultimate frisbee game.

Everyone was thinking the same thing, "Emily really?

You're going out on a date with someone in the army?



Hirut Befecadu, spokesperson for the UN force in Sierra Leone, said the UN secretary-general's special representative in the country, Oluyemi Adeniji, had met with commanders of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) in neighbouring Liberia. met with RUF commanders in Monrovia and efforts for the selection of a new RUF leader are in progress," Hirut told reporters.She said Adeniji had also had a "fruitful discussion" with Liberian President Charles Taylor, who has close links with the RUF dating back to his days leading an armed rebel faction in Liberia's own civil war, which ended in 1997.Sankoh, who took up arms in 1991, has been in detention since mid-May, leaving the rebel group with no obvious leader.It's not often you get four free dates with someone before you actually ask them out!


After the game was finished, I knew I had to actually talk to Emily, like a normal person, not with a free date pass.

Our campus minister started the first large group gathering with, "This semester we will be talking about relationships".


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    All boundaries are respected, so if you are 100% straight please don’t be put off] We both go for attractive types with medium builds, medium assets and well trimmed or fully shaven bits.

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    The boys are going to have to juggle their single life with their romantic entanglements and it's going to get awkward.

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