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"A reputation in the UK is not sufficient: customers in the UK are required and that is so whether the business provides products or services," the judge said in his ruling."Deciding who constitutes a UK customer from the point of view of a services business may involve tricky questions in some cases but as a matter of law in my judgment customers of some kind are required.The key message for UK businesses is that they will not be displaced by foreign rivals laying claim to identical or similar brands unless those businesses have a prior customer base or have had the foresight to formally register relevant trade marks," Mensah said.At Brisbane City Removals, we believe moving house doesn’t have to be a struggle.



The site was free to use, but the company asked visitors to sign up as members.

"There was no evidence that any such people existed in the UK in April 2007. "The advent of the internet and the phenomenon of social media have resulted in many foreign businesses and brands achieving notoriety in this country without any actual market presence," Mensah said.

"As desirable as such fame and recognition may be it does not necessarily follow that such brands will be protected in this jurisdiction as a matter of course and it should not be assumed that this is the case," she said.

Over the years, we have handled a good number of furniture removals and dealt with satisfied clients from all parts of Brisbane.

Our experience has enabled to us to develop a well-oiled furniture removal system that results in swift, efficient, safe, and affordable moving house experiences Furniture removals are more than simply pushing, pulling and lifting furniture around.

Sit Back, Imagine a Smooth Stress-Free Move, Invite us and Watch Us Make it a Reality.



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