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Although dating app marketing should focus on paid acquisition, PR outreach could amplify paid efforts and help build a brand around an app. Through thematic bloggers, media outlets, and Youtube channels they can reach a niche community.Even Tinder (this is the last time I mention Tinder, I promise!Analytic tool (like Flurry Analytics or Localytics) will help you understand user behavior and reasons why they are leaving.Through media channels (email, push, in-app message, retargeting ads), you can reach dormant users and remind of great features or helpful updates.Apps like Ok Cupid, Happn, Tinder, and Grindr made mobile dating immensely addictive for users.Here are four strategies they used in order to drive engagement: The market is flooded by dating apps of all kinds and niches, which makes it hard for new apps to get noticed.By Simove’s own admission, the main reason why he filed for a trademark on Shinder was because he was contacted by other individuals who were interested in developing a similar digital solution for improving their own love lives. dating service decides to take additional measures to protect its trademark, but an update on the situation should be available later this year once the IPO’s extended opposition period for Simove’s trademark application is closer to ending.

The move doesn’t imply an immediate legal dispute but does provide Tinder with a longer window of opportunity to dispute the trademark in the future should it deem such an action necessary.

Tinder-like apps launch on app stores every week and compete for users.



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