Dating a person with severe depression

I think you'd probably best mention it early in messages but only as I would expect someone to slip in if they had diabetes or other medical conditions, rather than straight away.

It is, afterall just a medical condition which comes with its own treatment and prognosis.

Depression has a variance, you would need to also consider that it can have a impact on a person as well as a relationship.

Clinical depression can have major impacts on both the person and your relationship.

I have nothing against anyone who suffers from clinical/severe depression,,, I do feel for them .for me after a bad experience of living with someone with clinical/severe depression , the stress it caused , the arguing , the moods , Was just too much for me it was making me depressed , so i have to admit i would avoid someone if i knew they had it as i know i wouldnt want to go through the same experience again .....i think alot of people on here have been through the mill and around the block a few times when it comes to broken they dont want the hassle anymore of being with a difficult person.not saying you are a difficult person or anyone else who suffers from depression is.some people might not want to take the chance..i would never date a woman who is always talking about suicide and slashing her wrists.etc id run a mile to be honest.thats my choice.too old and tired to be around negative people now that i think will drag me down.if that makes me a shallow be it..

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...I couldnt honestly say what a potential girlfriend would think of it.. just because I think that way though doesnt mean that other people day someone will come along who will be perfect for you.I don't think you need to go into great detail about things just that you have been unwell in the past but things are under control now.

I think mental health is such a misunderstood area and its a shame because the majority of humans suffer with some form of mental health problem during a life time - be it anxiety, reactive depression, anger issues, eating problems etc etc I wish you every success in your dating - I am sure your special lady is out there somewhere - good luck I'm not sure I'd say it was a shallow aspect.

Is it that we bar everyone with some form of medical condition?


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