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A North Carolina woman isn't afraid to bare it all on social media while doing elaborate yoga poses, something she says its not about sexuality, but rather body positivity.

Kirsty Tavolacci has amassed more than 30,000 followers as @tiny.kirsty on Instagram, where she posts photos that see her showing off her expert yoga moves while completely naked.

They have stopped in places like the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Arkansas, on their way to their final stop, Coronado, California.'Fitness and yoga for me has been a complete game changer in my life.

It has inspired my personal development, and I hope to bring that inspiration to the world,' the substitute instructor at a gym in Matthews told Charlotte Five.

"Are we born for something bigger than a simple life on tracks?

Station to station, just pressing time to the finish line Are we fooling our imaginations?

Kirsty also plans on teaching backbend and inversion workshops after she finishes her travels.

But the yoga enthusiast's posts are not only notable for the nude photos, but also for the beautiful landscapes where they're taken.

Kirsty has been on a long-month cross-country trek with fellow yogis.

'I was prompted to post naked yoga photos because it was freeing, liberating, and truly a form of art that not many people had seen before.

The purpose of the photos is to let everyone know that they are beautiful and to let everyone know that in their most natural state, confidence and self-love is everything,' she told the website.

There are a few avenues in which yoga can improve your sex life. Two, it helps reduce anxiety and increases body awareness and confidence.


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