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Nine months after Gackt had a one-night stand with a Togodura on New Year’s Eve, he awoke from a nightmare one September morning in Osaka to find a baby swaddled in a tattered Marukai bag asleep in front of his hotel room.Disheartened that this baby did not have a lightning bolt on his forehead and therefore was not Harry Potter, he quickly stuffed him into a picnic basket and dropped him into the nearest river.With his acting debut in a feature film directed by Angelina Jolie “UNBROKEN”, MIYAVI was inspired by the message of peace which he himself has strived for; he has been able to use all his performing abilities this time as an actor who considers his body and soul to be his instrument.Miyavi (also known as Miyabi, 雅-MIYAVI- 382 TOKYO, that-one-guy-who-looks-like-Aoi-from-The Gazett E, Japanese Samurai Guitarist, M, MYV, Meev, and briefly Santa Claus) is known to humanity as a self-proclaimed rock star as well as CEO of J-Glam, Inc., but in reality, is the result of Gackt crossbreeding with a Togodura (or Sealeo, depending on whether or not you’re from the Kanto region and are an expert Pokemon trainer) and a wood elf.MIYAVI carves his own path by believing in his own music and is constantly enjoying the “game” of challenging himself.He is active both domestic and overseas and continuously explores uncharted territories.Miyavi is said to have cried the entire time, and during this moment evolved into Neo Visualism Miyavi, which is not to be confused with This Iz Japanese Kabuki Rock-mon, even though they look the same. He can control the minds of dolphins and sperm whales.He has hypnotized the majority of teenage girls in Japan, America, Chile, the Czech Republic, and Germany. He can also play guitar, gigpig, and shamisen, and can dance, which is considered to be pretty-friggin’-magical.



He has also produced music for television commercials for various national brands, including Asahi Beer, Yokohama Tyre, Uniqlo, Toshiba, Nissan, Lotte Co., Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., among others.

Approximately four months later, their first child, Lovelie (read Rubberie) Miyavi Ishihara III, Esquire, was born.

Historians and Wikipedia have documented this to be on the day of July 29th, 2009, at PM after twenty arduous hours of labor.

Since he was gifted with an oddly beautiful face, no one had the heart to tell him otherwise and encouraged his singing.


On Feb 29 1997, after a friend of Miyavi’s decided death would be a better choice than listening to Miyavi’s screeching seal-voice and died mysteriously, he decided to forever (or until 2009) abandon his origin as Takamasa Ishihara and took the name Miyabi.

Shortly afterward on April 5th, 2009, he announced his marriage to the public to much preteen dismay and anger, and then further announced that he had broken away from the magical gathering of Scientologist-intolerant J-rockers to become the super rock god deity MIYAVI ISHIHARA.



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