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Stay informed with Topdogs kennel breedings updates & exclusive pictures, videos and annoucements only available thur social media. We have alot of kennels and scammers stealing our pictures for their facebook , Instagram websites .

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Topdogbullies is a American Bully Breeder that strives to keep the best XL & XXl look of the Pitbull with best bully conformation.

Topdog breeds beautiful extra large Pitbulls / American bullys with great beautiful sturcture & best temperments, our number one goal in mind is to produce your next best friend in Xl or XXl xtreme form American Bully Pitbull!

Please help us educate the people that do not believe by informing yourself and purchasing your pitbull puppy from a reputable xxl pitbull american bully breeder. American XL Pitbulls / XXl American Bullys make great beautiful family dogs. Xl American Bullys / Pitbulls are thick skinned and stoic , your vet will thank you. You can love a Xl American Bully Pitbull as hard as you like , they can take it and they will always love you more back.

They are strudy , tolerant and have enough energy for the most boisterous children . October 23 2017 Envy x Cucuy xl tri color champagne lilac puppys due today !!

this sprng and summer , Don't miss out on some of the most beautiful best XL XTREME Pitbull breedings ever.



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