Ghanaian dating girls

This indeed, has become some kind of fashionable trend.What are some of the reasons for this kind of relationship?These older women prowl party scenes, clubs, restaurants and even funeral places with predatory instincts looking for younger men in their sexual prime.Before I become too judgemental, this raises the question: How young is too young for a woman to date? ] Of course, this issue will split opinions but this is barely an issue when the genders are reversed among Ghanaians.I therefore welcome all shades of views, analysis, observations and take as we debate on this issue of Ghanaian cougars and their toy boys.Well, the name cougar is one hell of a wild animal so beware of your comments!



intelligence, well-spoken, non-judgmental Obviously attractive. Great colleagues who are also my friends Interesting job.

No one bats an eyelid when our pot-bellied politicians ‘invade’ our university campuses in Legon, Cape Coast or Kumasi or when a 60-year old famous and wealthy man cavorts with even 17-year-old girl.


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