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If the spouse shows by 51% certainty: then the spouse could have a claim for criminal conversation, and could receive monetary compensation from the third-party for the emotional and mental pain and suffering that the adultery caused to the marriage.The North Carolina Court of Appeals held in 2001 that a claim for criminal conversation against a third-party paramour is not barred by the fact that the spouses are legally separated.


The 911 caller told the operator: 'My sister-in-law has told her family that she killed her husband. She told them she cleaned up the bullet casings and took care of the bodies.''What we are trying to resolve now or find out is how these three people came together, how they knew each other, and that is being done through phone records and computers,' Capt.

Through criminal conversation, the spouse of the adulterer has the option to sue the extra-marital lover for monetary damages.


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