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"There are real advantages to it having been a hotel in the past," explains Peter Mac Ilvenny, who owns an apartment in the building with his wife Rosie."Its location is absolutely on the seafront so there's only sand and water ahead of it – no modern home could get so close.


Even more flamboyant is London's former Halcyon Hotel."A lot of small and mid-size hotels in the south-west, for example, have been family-owned for several generations."They have been accustomed to being very formal but that market now is really only wanted by pensioners who visit.Larger ones, for example, are split into multiple homes when converted, allowing people to buy into a style of property their budget would not normally allow.


Hunsdon Manor at Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire is one fine example, built in the early 19th century and run as a hotel.

Prices of remaining homes at the scheme are – at least by seafront standards – relatively modest, at £250,000 to £460,000 (Knight Frank,


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