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I forlængelse heraf præsenteres en analysemetode, kognitiv eventanalyse, der netop tager højde for de processer, der udspiller sig i de hurtige interkropslige dynamikker.

Med udgangspunkt i autentisk videomateriale har analysen til formål at vise, hvorledes sproglige og kognitive processer udspiller sig i både normative, strukturelle dynamikker såvel som i synkroniserede interkropslige dynamikker, der ikke lader sig beskrive inden for rammerne af mere traditionelle tilgange inden for interaktionsforskningen.

Inherent in each setting one finds a pre-defined set of expectations of how specific actions are carried out by the participants to achieve institutional goals.

However, in each example, slightly different and surprising actions are accomplished during the on-going interaction.

Fine-grained analysis of the case leads us to conclude that a visual system is situated and sense-saturated, that is, it exploits sociocultural resources of the past.

Human interactivity, conversation and vision are not purely situated as pre-supposed by many approaches to interaction, cognition and language.

The situations all entertain a number of potential affordances; yet only one (or at least few) is enacted.While this article focuses on the presentation of an ecological model of temporal ranges and time scales, its methodological implications and interpretive potentials are explored in Pedersen and Steffensen (2014).


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