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• Image noise reduction with or without dark frames • Real-time plotting of performance • Freeware • Supports the following cameras:v 1.14 (November 2012)- All updates from pre-releases 1.13.1 - 1.13.7 (see below)- Based on Open PHD r109- Initial QHY5-II support- Fixed ST4 onboard connection bug- Will save / restore window position1.13.x Pre-releases- (1.13.7a) Tweak to ASCOM mount's for mounts that Pulse Guide but don't support Is Pulse Guiding- (1.13.7) Oct 22, 2012 based off of Open PHD branch/craig r107- (1.13.7) Fixed bug in star SNR calculation.

Converted mean to a double to avoid divide by zero errors (came up in 8-bit cams with 0 backgrounds)- (1.13.7) Altered star saturation detection to also check against img. Low bit depth cams on faint stars were triggering b/o quantization error- (1.13.7) Fixed several error dialogs (e.g., ASCOM Chooser for mount: if Cancel, no more exception error)- (1.13.7) (Bret) Patch to cleanly call Scope:: Connect() at end of connection routine for specific mounts (ASCOM and some Mac specific)- (1.13.7) Fixed bug in calculation of median filter for ROI mode- (1.13.6) Users won't see too much, but this is a very significant pre-release.

Bret Mc Kee did a major refactoring of the mount code and other internals and Jared Wellman has added new scripting bits.As of 2010, these devices can cost between .99 to . Plug the USB end of the video capture adapter to an available port on your computer.


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