Laura linney and jason bateman dating

Yes, Marty can be colder than a first date brush-off with Wendy.

You’ll want a sweater when Marty shares his chilling satisfaction over her lover’s nasty death.

So we shouldn’t be shocked to see Jason Bateman, known for playing nice guys with a desert-dry sense of humor, starring in a drama like Netflix’s “Ozark.” Bateman plays Marty Byrde, a financial advisor whose side hustle is laundering cash for a Mexican drug cartel.

Bateman’s character may be crooked, but he’s got a redeeming quality that keeps us coming back for more.

Plot details are also scarce at this point, but Bateman did reveal a few tidbits about where Marty is headed next during an interview with Indiewire.


An official date for when Ozark will come back for season two has yet to be unveiled, but given season one's premiere in July, it's safe to assume the next batch of episodes will come around the same time in 2018.Here comes another anti-hero story straight from Hollywood. When his colleague is busted for skimming profits from the cartel’s leader (Esai Morales, the epitome of quiet evil), Marty flees to the Lake of the Ozarks in a desperate attempt to save his life.They’re all the rage in the era of TV’s new golden age. If Marty can launder a stash of cash, the gangster may spare his life, and that of his wife and two children.We’ll tolerate characters who lie, cheat, and steal—maybe even worse.


What we clamor for in stories now, however, is some humanity, a flicker of a soul seeking redemption.Like Bryan Cranston’s iconic series, Ozark follows a father-of-two who finds himself immersed in the criminal underworld.


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