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” she jokes, referring to her 15- month-old daughter with producer/investor Jacob Pechenik.It has been a long buildup to the kiddie musical’s November 4 release.Recently, there's been a lot of speculation about Zooey Deschanel's face. " was The Huffington Post's headline after she showed up looking a little different to the 2012 Teen Choice Awards.If she did have something done, it would be kind of surprising, given her status as an indie icon. This is a great example of how bad blondes can happen when colourists are blinded by light eyes and fair skin.A flashback to her childhood bedroom would show black-and-white movie stills, not Leonardo Di Caprio, Scotch-taped to its walls.Part of it is having parents in the biz — her mom, Mary Jo, is an actress; dad, Caleb, a five-time Oscar-nominated cinematographer.


To match her A-list status, Zooey now has A-list hair."The fact it is difficult to tell whether she has had surgery is a good sign.



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