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"You can feel a gun recoil, you can feel a golf swing, you can feel every bump a car goes over when it slams into something in a racing game. It's the first time you really are the character instead of just controlling the character."The tech and gaming press echoed Anderson's enthusiasm after the device made its round on the trade-show circuit.

called the Falcon an "ingenious piece of design," and then-Engadget columnist Ross Rubin said it was "one of the most promising PC interface peripherals to come along in years." Everyone seemed to agree: The Falcon was a good thing that could only get better.

Now, with its eyes set on the gaming market and a device that could be sold for roughly 0, Anderson and his team were ready to make a play for the consumer market.

It was time to show the public what this thing could do."For video games, it's an amazing technology," Anderson says.

The headlines were largely positive, but no one was ready to call it a success just yet.

After years of refining its vision and business model, the company had landed on a play for the video game market that could bring industrial-grade haptic controls to consumers worldwide.

"We were buying something off of them they didn't even know they had: the sleeves off their vests," Anderson says.

Since its debut, the Novint Falcon has popped up in tech demos for VR sex suits, adult social networks and as a next-level cam-site interface."It's such an amazing experience, especially for the cost."Machulis got his hands on the device before its consumer debut and created a simple proof-of-concept program he now calls "crude and stupid." He's not wrong.The program takes advantage of the device's force controls to thrust back and forth in a sort of wild stabbing motion, like a drunk teenager aimlessly thrusting his way through his first time.It just needed to secure another round of funding first.

In its short lifespan, the Novint Falcon was used in medical, industrial and architectural training and visualization.

In the demo video he posted to You Tube, a bright purple, anatomically correct dildo is strapped to the end of the device, taking advantage of the modular control knob that would have allowed gamers to attach a gun for first-person shooters, for example.


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