Validating corporate computer systems


He has over eight years of experience working across the full software development lifecycle and possesses expertise in developing, migrating to, and validating production-grade content management solutions. Rob is an Eagle Scout and enjoys playing piano and guitar.

"As your consultant I will provide personalized service for each member of your team so they learn how to work together and with computer systems to maximize productivity.

This book provides practical information and advice on good IT practice and validation principles.

Pro Pharma Group’s support begins with a group of highly qualified and experienced consultants.

""Front Cover""; ""Contents""; ""Preface""; ""Foreword""; ""Contributor List""; ""1. Auditing Suppliers of Standard Software Packages""; ""15.

Paperless and Peopleless Plants: Trends in the Application of Computer Systems""; ""2. Auditing Software Integrators and Hardware Manufacturers""; ""16. Integrating Manufacturing Systems-A New Era in Production Control""; ""7.

Computer validation is more than a compliance requirement.


Pharmaceutical computer system validation is a unique opportunity for a business to examine their computer systems to maximize effectiveness and enhance quality.Ofni Systems ensures that your validation project clearly documents why your customers should share the high degree of confidence you hold in your company and your systems, while scaling the project to your organizational validation requirements and budget.


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