Who is trey parker dating now

Last year, Parker called Penn a "giant douchebag with legs running around Haiti." In their 2004 movie, Team America: World Police, they created a nasal-voiced Sean Penn puppet with an absurd adoration of preinvasion Iraq, which featured "rivers made of chocolate, where the children danced ...with gumdrop smiles."Around that time, Penn wrote an open letter deriding Stone and Parker's cynicism, with the sign-off "All best, and a sincere fuck you."Now Penn's a fanboy.


Inside, we discussed another trapping of success: Everyone wants to claim you for his own side. It's barely us, but it's not Glenn Beck," Stone said.

And for some reason, we're doing press again and it's really starting to piss me off.

Right now." "We've gotta quit doing these interviews.

A couple of years ago, South Park mocked Glenn Beck as a conspiracy freak obsessed with protecting Smurfs. "You know what's amazing to me," Beck said on his radio show, "I'm a libertarian. And when you're a libertarian, there ain't nobody coming to your defense." I read Parker and Stone the transcript. "Whatever side Glenn Beck is on, we're not on it." Parker and Stone abhor having their politics labeled, even by themselves.

They're better at defining themselves in the negative.They've featured a Richard Gere — inspired gerbil plot.



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