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Objects; public class XMLValidator Programmer, runner, recreational diver, live in the island of Bali, Indonesia.An XML document is considered ‘well-formed’ if it follows the normal rules of XML. In the example below we look at validating an XML document while using DOM, SAX and St AX. */ public static void main(final String[] arguments) function prints a usage statement if fewer than two command line arguments are passed to it because it expects at least the name/path of the XML file to be validated and the name/path of an XSD to validate the XML against. System.out; /** * Validate provided XML against the provided XSDs.function takes the first command line argument and treats that as the XML file's path/name and then treats all remaining command lin arguments as the paths/names of one or more XSDs. */ public class Xml Validator Despite what the length of this post might initially suggest, using Java to validate XML against an XSD is fairly straightforward.* * @param xsd Files Paths String representations of paths/names * of XSD files.* @return Stream Source instances representing XSDs.

*/ public static void validate Xml Against Xsds( final String xml File Path And Name, final String[] xsd Files Paths And Names) instance can be obtained with the specified type of schema (XMLConstants. This method also handles the various types of exceptions that might be thrown during the validation process.

There are numerous tools available for validating an XML document against an XSD.

These include operating system scripts and tools such as xmllint, XML editors and IDEs, and even online validators.

The complete code listing for the Java-based XML validation tool discussed in this post is included at the end of the post. Validator is obtained from the /** * Validate provided XML against the provided XSD schema files.

The most significant lines of code from that application when discussing validation of XML against one or more XSDs is shown next. Schema Schema(Source[]) (where the array of transform. * * @param xml File Path And Name Path/name of XML file to be validated; * should not be null or empty.The simple Java tool for validating XML against one or more XSDs has now been shown (complete code listing is at bottom of post). The sample application shown and explained here attempts to demonstrate that and is a useful tool for simple command line validation of XML documents against specified XSDs.


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