Are hailey baldwin and cody simpson dating

(The "We Can't Stop" singer and USC student called it quits last month after five months of dating.) The Weeknd (real name: Abel Tesfaye) perhaps already has a fan in Bella and Gigi's mother, for Valentine's Day.

TWIST just caught up with the star of Cody Simpson's "On My Mind" music video--Hailey Baldwin!

And whilst that sounds like a really awkward scenario you might be suprised to see the pair looking very comfortable with each other at one point with their backs against each other as Cody jams on his guitar.The source tells Us that the pair often hang out with the model and her boyfriend, Australian pop star Cody Simpson.Even more, the new lovebirds also previously spent time with Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger.hailey is also friends with gigi who is now dating zayn who was in harry’s band and selena said she was open to dating but never did. zayn also feuded with taylor’s ex calvin, who is friends with ellie.

and both gigi and taylor are friends with cara who selena may or may not have dated.but miley’s smoking weed and engaged to liam, so she’s kind of irrelevant to the social circle now…


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