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(281 West 12th Street, New York, NY) Henrietta Hudson: Going 20 years strong, this keep-it-simple lesbian club has three small rooms: one with a dance floor, one with a pool table, and one with make-out couches. Henrietta Hudson hosts a different party every night (e.g., Sunday’s Roc da Mic Karaoke and Wednesday’s Tócame Noche Latina) that caters to their diverse clientele.This is often the go-to club for outta towners, so you can find lots of fresh meat here!DJs spin sets of hip-hop, reggaeton, and Latin beats. (85 Avenue A, New York, NY) Crème de la Femme: Every Wednesday night at Union Square Ballroom, promoter Maggie C.(301 West 39th Street, New York, NY) Also: The divey hipster gay bar Nowhere (East 14th street between 1st & 2nd Ave), with its pool tables and reasonably-priced drinks, attracts a mixed crowd all week as well as hosting Ladies Nights. is a bi-monthly butch burlesque party featuring some of NYC’s hottest gender-bending talents, such as L-Boogie, Goldie Peacock, Susan Herr, and Drae Campbell. hosts Creme de la Femme (CDLF), one of Manhattan’s most popular femme (and femme chaser) nights. (27 Union Square West, New York, NY) girl NATIONnyc: B&T (short for “bridge and tunnel,” a term used by Manhattanites to describe visitors who come into the city via those routes) flock to this Saturday night party for shots out of plastic test tubes and sweaty dancing. You won’t need to own a leotard from American Apparel or a pair of bejeweled Christian Louboutins to fit in here.But my mom is not interested in women with Shane’s style; she would prefer someone like Papi!So when my mom visits Manhattan, she hits up Denise Madison’s Girlz Parties, weekly events with a smoothed out hip-hop and R&B feel.It has such a queer following that it also got a shout out in the Queer-Girl Guide to Santa Fe .Cafe Forànt (449 W 51st St (between 9th & 10th Aves) is another queer favorite owned by two super-cute lesbians who met in Provincetown and now want to serve you brunch every single day.


However, there is a true sense of LGBTQ community here; it is not unusual to find a butch rocking a sideways cap playfully putting dollar bills into a drag queen’s bra. Each party has a different theme and celebrity photographer Maro Hagopian is there to capture all of the debauchery inspired by resident DJ Leslie Van Stelten’s panty dropping mixes.I relocated to Manhattan in 1999 and I live in a historically wealthy neighborhood just a few short blocks away from Central Park, Madonna, and Anthony Bourdain.Interestingly, my rent is cheaper (and I mean way cheaper) than some “grimier” neighborhoods in Brooklyn, which exemplifies that gentrification is alive and well in places where hipsters are trying to keep the façade of “edginess.” (Bklyn Boihood has a good post on said gentrification.) Yes, other neighborhoods and boroughs may be the “new black.” But Manhattan is the new Manhattan…and in certain respects, the old Manhattan.The DJ line-up has included JD Samson, Whitney Day, and Shomi Noise. (322 E 14th Street, New York, NY) Stilettos: When the weather heats up, promoter Maggie C. nightclub and the patrons look as if they’ve just walked off the L-Word set.


brings the action outside with her seasonal Sunday party, Stilettos, located in the Maritime Hotel Cabanas, a breezy rooftop lounge high above the hustle and bustle of Manhattan’s streets. (363 West 16th Street, New York, NY) Lesbo-a-Go-Go: Dykes descend on the Stonewall Inn, site of the historic 1969 Stonewall riots, every Friday night for come-as-you-are dancing. (It’ll be ok.) (53 Christopher Street, New York, NY) Truckstop: The L. based stripper-esque Truckstop Convoy brings their booty shaking go-go to Manhattan once a month.

The Yaffa Cafe (97 St Marks Pl between 1st Ave & Avenue A) is an eclectic Village spot with a cute back garden, funky lighting, and a diverse menu vegetarians and their friends will love. ), Manhattan is packed with opportunities to consume soy in a variety of permutations — we recommend Josie’s ( 565 Third Ave at 37th St and 300 Amsterdam Ave at 74th St), Blossom (187 Ninth Ave at 21st street), vegan spot The Candle Cafe (1307 3rd Avenue at 74th street) and the famous Angelica Kitchen (300 E 12th St at 1st Avenue).


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    If you go into your date with a positive attitude, you’re much more likely to have a good time – and make your date feel good too.’ ‘Who should pay the bill is one the most hotly debated aspects of first date etiquette.

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    When you say "I love you" for the first time, it has a very different meaning than when you say it one year into the relationship (or even past that point).

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    For less than the cost of one therapy session, you can have a great self-help tool if you are unable to get help from a specialist.

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    Uniform Dating was set up to enable people who wear a uniform to work, to meet and mingle as we realized they have a lot in common.

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    Of course that is very soulmate-centric scene as Celine Dion sings “My Heart Will Go On”.

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