David deangelo double your dating advanced series


I am really starting to get this, and it gets better every day.Please put out more products, we want them, and have no problem paying a reasonable price for this information.My relationships with women are so much more fulfilling now than they ever were when I was just trying to “get laid”.I think the one fundamental issue you push, which is so overlooked, is the idea that a man can be absolutely honest, know what he wants, and get it.Your system gives men the start, and allows them to put their own personal touches on it.Then, after some success, (and some failures, of course, he he) we can come back and get even more out of it. I’m 27, and have tried your way starting 2 years ago.


and instead chose to be with guys who didn’t treat them well. ***SUCCESS STORY*** Dave, I have received your emails for quite sometime now and never did buy the book but after this weekend I have to get the whole nine yards.Its been more like confusion about what do they want,, (and then I don’t understand) which ends up in anger,, and then the cycle continues…. so they settle for less and end up being bossed around and poorly treated……. I want all men to have their manhood back (and I mean in a good way) treat woman well and bust them when they push our buttons.. You sit and listen for an hour, hoping that she’ll realize what a great guy you are… At the end of the conversation, she stands up, says “Thanks for being such a GREAT FRIEND”, and kisses you on the cheek.A week later, she’s crying because her jerk BF is at it again.ATTRACTION is a process that has developed over a LOOOOOOONG time.

It’s not something that women think about and “work up to”. ATTRACTION happens for reasons all its own, and you can’t CONVINCE a woman to feel it.And you’re observation that buying women gifts, food, and flower is, at its core, DISHONEST is pretty interesting, too.



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