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The online dating dance usually includes similar moves no matter who catches your eye. Eventually someone drops their phone number and the other responds. When it comes, you exchange flirty little messages for a few days and learn about one another.As long as your tone is upbeat and playful – instead of stern and lecturing – he’s going to WANT to play along.Lead him from dating site email to regular email to phone, and you will have accomplished your goal (him investing in you) and he will have accomplished his (getting a phone number).So, Joanna, how do you deal with men who are clueless and pushy? First, by realizing that they’re probably just doing what makes sense to them.It’s not that they’re bad people; they’re just oblivious to how their methods are coming across. It should come as no surprise from a man who works as a bartender at Winky’s Beer Shack.Asking her for personal information before you’ve exchanged pleasantries?This is the equivalent of sex without foreplay, fellas, and women HATE it.

They just rarely consider how inconsiderate it is to try and rush you into a date.

And, although you’re awfully cute, I just don’t give out my number to any ol’ Freddy who rings my bell.


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