Long island jewish dating services


Amanda is spending her time planning a white party to launch the Drink Hanky.

Chanel and her little sister go wedding dress shopping, which fuels her want for a husband.

In the series premiere, Chanel sits down with her modern Orthodox family for a shabbat dinner, where she is reminded that it's time for her to get married.

Amanda goes on a date with her older boyfriend Jeff, and attempts to keep her mother from inviting herself.

Ashlee, Joey and Casey are willing to try anything in order to find their perfect Jewish boyfriends so they take a chance by speed dating.

Like any place the girls go, drama seems to find its way between Joey and Ashlee.


Joey and Amanda stay out of the drama by working while Ashlee indulges in a few dates.Ashlee and Joey started bickering back and forth once again.Ashlee discovered that Erica was lying to her about keeping her comments secret, Ashlee bashed Joey’s family, and Chanel stood up for Ashlee’s actions.Erica thought this would be a great way to bring all the girls together, but it actually ended up tearing them apart.

Erica began to worry that the drama between Ashlee and Joey would explode on her father’s boat, so she took matters into her own hands and addressed the tension between the two of them at the vineyard.The girls celebrate Ashlee's 30th birthday by heading to the club located within a strip mall. Ashlee, Joey, Chanel, and Casey have a girls weekend getaway at a Jewish singles camp located in Connecticut but an incoming storm puts a damper on their plans.



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