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“Bob sees her at least once a month.” I was intrigued.At the time, I was going with Mark, whom I’d met at UAF during my freshman year when he and the engineering department “won” me in a bid at the sophomore auction. One of my cousins told me that Mark looked like the actor, Troy Donahue. With the ratio of five guys to every girl, it was easy to be picky.No one going to the Upheaval would wait until ten o’clock to leave.That would be madness since the drive took at least an hour each way.


“A lot of Anchorage businessmen check with her before making important decisions,” Connie said, opening a bag of potato chips.Most left campus by five or six o’clock that afternoon.Desk duty was the responsibility of Wickersham’s residents and rotated among them.He was persistent, however, and we ended up dating — even after the when the Dean of Women called me into her office and told me Mark was not a good influence for me. Here’s a bit of backstory: Ullrahaven was a rustic ski resort, about twenty-five miles from campus.

The Ullrahaven was a party that marked the end of ski season. A narrow winding road was its only access and in March it was still incredibly treacherous. In 1961-62 Fairbanks had a particularly heavy snowfall.When they slid off the road or it became so slippery they couldn’t go any farther, everyone would get out and squeeze into cars behind them with better snow tires or chains.


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