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However, in the early 90's, as these companies found other labels or quit the business, they began to concentrate on HBO material.Nowadays, in addition to HBO original movies, they also distribute HBO's large amount of series and specials, although they have since renamed to HBO Home Entertainment. (Central Organization of Police Specialists), in charge with protecting Empire City from mob leader Big Boss and his gang of cronies. Like all great ‘80s TV shows, it even had an awesome villain, the raven-haired Bianca Dupree, who, of course, was the real star of the show. 13, 1986–June 27, 1987Plot: Based on the popular, yet weird, toy line of the same name. Unfortunately this adaptation of the Fraggles failed to catch on and was quickly canceled.


HBO has six sister networks that are almost always included with the main HBO channel to make the network a good value for most of its audience (the collection of networks was once branded as HBO The Works): fix have wanted HBO to offer a paid subscription to the service.

, he said that a sequel to the crime show was out of the question.

After all, the cast has aged a decade along with the show.

They then formed a joint venture with HBO in 1985 called Thorn EMI/HBO Video.


They then were renamed to HBO/Cannon Video, after The Cannon Group bought EMI's film division.

Note the start dates above, too - until about 1980 the concept of "basic cable" didn't exist.


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