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There are even online guides (what isn’t there an online guide for these days?

) to find, or better said, identify escorts on We Chat. Some groups on the app that promise a crazy night with well-known actresses and models in China have been discovered to be scams orchestrated between professionals and photographers that created a whole story around the “actress” to suck more money out of foreigners looking for sex tourism.



Authors bio: Iván Fanego and Tamara Lucas, the founders of 2geeks1city, are a Spanish geek couple who are traveling across Asia to understand how the digital revolution and startups have an effect on society, companies, and people.Well, on We Chat it is possible to stay in touch with our children.The Mon-Mon stuffed animal lets parents send their children different recordings, either made by themselves or from a selection that they can find on the official We Chat toy account.With the busy pace of today, it is getting more and more difficult to spend time with your children.

Also, depending on their age, they aren’t able to read a message, for those of us that always find time.

Both of them have a large degree of experience in the world of digital consulting and online marketing, but after spending years immersed in their professional career, they decided to leave it all behind for a while and take a sabbatical year.


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