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To gain an understanding of why the price of a “thing” is not simply the sum costs of the parts and labor that went into producing it.


Marked “Ball’s Standard, Superior Grade, Cleveland, O.” on Barrel Bridge. Type 2: Marked “Official RR Standard, Adjusted A” on Barrel Bridge. Different Motor Barrel Used Above Serial Number 503,501. Note 11: Movements 535401 – 535500 furnished in gilt trim. Note 13: Serials B608101 to B609000 assigned, but not produced. These watches were quickly replaced by the more widely recognized “Official RR Standard” marked watches as well as the “Railroad Watch Co.”, Railroad Brotherhood and other Private Label examples. 999C Exclusive designation for Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen.After the initial 936/937 examples, a few watches were made in grades 938/939 before the grade number 999 was adopted. Grades 999G, K, M, N, P and R have been added by the author and researchers as an aid to identification. Full Plate, Nickel, 17 Jewels, Adjusted, Double Roller, Ball Regulator, Hamilton Hairspring Stud.It would be impractical to list the individual serial numbers of EVERY watch made... Our serial number tables list RANGES of serial numbers.


So to determine when your watch was manufactured, you will need to find where your serial number fits within the range of numbers.You can also type in a part number and get a list of all grades using that part number.



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