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I can’t resist ordering the Smitty’s Canadian Melo, because it doesn’t sound very Canadian, some half-sweet iced tea, and Rob orders Jay’s Slide.Lunch takes a moderate amount of time to hit the table as it is being prepared fresh.The Park Service allows the fields to be cut for hay.Soon we are looking to have lunch as we skipped breakfast to get on the road.

The drive-in looks pretty much as it must have back in the day. The menu is presented above the kitchen on magnet boards. I really want a cheese burger but I am intrigued by this southern specialty. I get my cheeseburger and onion rings and Rob orders a BBQ sandwich and rings.

We check in to our home for the evening and head out to explore a little Tupelo.

First stop: Elvis Presley’s birthplace, coincidentally located on Elvis Presley Drive. Next stop on our mini Elvis tour is Tupelo Hardware Store, “coincidentally” located a few doors from a guitar shop Rob wants to check out.

Back on the road again we stop at the Bynum Mounds at mile marker 232.

These Indian mounds were built during the Woodland Period between BCE 100 and CE 100. Mound A contained the remains of a woman and the cremated remains of two adults and a child.

Stella 3000 is being a jerk today, trying to get us to turn into a ditch.



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