Octogenarian couple finds love through a dating web site


"I probably would not be here now if wasn't for her leaving those sandwiches in the bin.She's a really kind person." But Ms Neininger said she could not take credit for rescuing Mr Selway. "But it was actually Jeremy Sandford's book that made me look twice at the men sleeping rough and see him as the person he was.A widow is preparing to marry a homeless man she befriended after she spotted him sifting through her bins for food.The octogenarian pair began to bond after Joan Neininger, now 88, started to leave carefully wrapped sandwiches for Ken Selway, 89, outside the bookshop she managed in Gloucester in the Spring of 1975."I married at 16 and Norman was a wonderful man and a lovely husband and father," Ms Neininger said."Because there was no sexual jealousy it was fine and Ken and Norman were like brothers.So Ms Neininger moved into a caravan for a period of time."People with schizophrenia are imprisoned by the voices," said Ms Neininger, who left her bookshop job to become a mental health campaigner.



This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.Over the years the pair gradually became close friends and she has supported him as he struggled with schizophrenia.



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