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Sometimes the best laughs are cheap laughs, and if off-the-cuff, elaborate wit isn’t your forte, arm yourself with a few cheesy icebreakers. Women don’t expect you to be funny all the time, and attempting humor when you have to force it is obvious and disingenuous.

But remember to, especially in this case, practice that word economy we just talked about. You don’t need to pressure yourself to be funny all the time. “No one likes it when someone is always ‘on,’” he says.

Stand-up comedians need to get on stage to get better at their craft, and unless you’re willing to take the terrifying plunge into stand-up (if so, kudos to you), you can test your sense of humor on a trusted, non-judgemental audience before you start whipping it out on dates.

This will also give you a chance to find out what flavor of funny you are. Are physical comedy and hilarious voices your thing?

Also: Zoloft.” Here, Gersbeck offers some tried, tested, and practical ways to overcome your comedic hangups and make a woman laugh.

But comedy is always a work in progress, and he's dedicated the last three years to tuning that voice and using comedy as a means to overcome his shyness and anxiety.“I've talked to comics who have been doing comedy for decades, and they still get this wave of nervousness.Once I realized it's a thing that's not going away, I learned to embrace it.Hone in on those strengths to build a foundation for your relationship with a woman.

Once you pass a certain threshold you’ll be surprised to find that your comfort level and your understanding of what makes her tick will bring out your inner sense of humor.

But don’t tell a joke when she tells you her grandmother just died.


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