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Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette is a metaphor for life itself. Habit Rouge's leather accord truly is a fine, elegant, luxury car leather. It took me a year to finally come around to really appreciate how elegant and refined Habit Rouge is. The fragrance was soft, powdery and indescribably satisfying.Because in order to experience this fragrance and appreciate its true beauty, your participation is required. • Knowledge that things are not always what they seem at first. • Patience to enjoy the stages and art of the perfumer’s craft. I said that if I was making love to a beautiful woman (I hadn't yet) and kissed her on her chest, exactly between her breasts, THAT would be the smell that I would expect to smell. After all these years I've been replenishing my perfume collection, after a tragic loss of 100, and recently I noticed Jasmine on Ebay and so, I had to buy some just to smell that smell again; it's been nearly 40 years.The sophisticated heart is composed of flowers, precious woods with a warm touch of cinnamon. My friend, Jeff, always had incense burning in his place, a must back then, and one day he handed me the incense tray that he burned those little cone-shaped incense nuggets on and told me to smell it.The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Paul Guerlain.a nice mandarine orange, fairly thick, syrupy, but with a dry light woods in the back like a popsicle stick. Great citrus orangy scent thick enough to wear in the winter time, and in the evenings in the summer. The leather that eventually comes isn't the Knize or even Bel Ami variety—both of which I love. So I gave it a whiff and, ooh la la, I was mesmerized!

I don't know exactly what I can say about Habit Rouge that hasn't already been said, but given that this fragrance is so extolled by lovers of history and tradition in perfumery, but also baffling or repellant to others, maybe some attempt to outline its effects in layman's terms is worth attempting. Habit Rouge is a fragrance that, for many North American males especially, may initially seem strange and discomfiting.

Nevertheless this fragrance is, I imagine, what the first day in heaven will smell like.


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