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With that said, if you can even point me in the right direction to achieving this, I would appreciate it. *disclaimer: I have a limited (2-3 projects) experience with barcodes, and have only used Symbol so far Simplest first: formatting -- the barcode reader should allow for some processing, e.g. With very little editing you could use the same macro on the Inventory sheet as well to use the sheet not only as a Product Name list but as a real inventory as well: All you need to do is make the macro take one from the inventory every time you scan a product on the Shipping sheet add a product every time you scan the barcode on the Inventory sheet.

if your upc is 027434011297, you should be able to program it to send to Excel upon a successful scan: - a single quote ('), then the value scanned (027434011297) resulting in a label (vs. Cells(1, 1) _ , Look In:=xl Values, Look At:=xl Part, Search Order:=xl By Rows _ , Search Direction:=xl Next, Match Case:=False, Search Format:=False) On Error Go To 0 If Not r Found Is Nothing Then 'Writes the Product Name and puts 1 to the Quantity column: Range("B" & Search Range. Thank you for that code , although could you elaborate a bit more on what exactly it does, and how I implement it?

Current Region: If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A1"). Current Region) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub 'Avoid the endless loop: Application.

Enable Events = False 'Looks for matches from the here first: Set Search Range = Range("A1: A" & Range("A1").

I would like to set up a template with 3 columns: barcode, product name, and quantity. Enable Events = True End Sub Place it in the Worksheet module of the sheet you want to be working on.

I would like to scan an item, the barcode scanner then inputs the barcode number into the "Barcode" column, Excel then cross references this number to match it with its corresponding product name which would then be inserted into the "Product Name" column, and then Excel would increase the quantity by 1 in the "Quantity" column. Use the same sheet layout as you have on your first post (Range("A1: C1").value=Array("Barcode","Product Name","Quantity").

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At the end of each day before pallets are loaded onto the trucks, we count the product on the pallets to make sure the orders have been filled accurately.



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