Ajax update panel image while updating

However, you can fix this problem by taking out the update panels, and you can make this dependent on the DNN Version.

Better still is to build your modules without relying on built-in update panels.

It is a very heavy-handed way of performing AJAX functions, and with the inclusion of j Query and now j Query UI within the DNN core, it’s a great time to start learning to write ajax methods into your modules instead of relying on ASP. It’s easy once you learn how, and the result is a far snappier interface that gives a much cleaner result.

So if you do include your own update panels within your module and hence do not check the Enable Partial Rendering...where there be any issues with running your module in DNN 6? When you say "It is a very heavy handed..." Does "It" refer to relying on the built-in update panels (i.e. @chad : yes, I expect that if you include update panels within your module you will find compatibility issues with DNN 6.

So the modules should work, they may need the mods as I have outlined.

It's not always easy to rewrite a module to use a different type of functionality.


protected void Uploader_File Uploaded(object sender, Cute Web UI.No code was changed, so it wasn't anything to do with sequencing of events etc (good idea though The Geek You Need. As mentioned previously, the Url Master module uses several more update panels for some parts of the UI. Working backwards I figured out this was related to using an Update Panel in a Dot Net Nuke module control, and then marking that module as using ‘Enable Partial Rendering’ – or, in other words, place the module in an Update Panel.I am new to [email protected] - you need to lookup creating a modal overlay using j Query.


I've done it with some other modules, I'll put it down as a topic for a new blog post at some point.

Then there will be no ajax calls related to your module (of course, ajax could be used elsewhere in the page). I have a site that I'm upgrading to DNN 6 and I have a problem with the export function of a radgrid.



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