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But it's Emma Lung who delivers the film's most haunting performance as the obsessive Anna, a femme fatale who won't take no for an answer.--Urban Cinefile At first I expected a B Movie , but I must admit it kept me entertained . The woman who plays the niece is very easy on the eyes , which also makes the movie that much better I recommend seeing this film at least once There are a number of movies with the title CRUSH.So, when I heard her news, I immediately assumed that one of those happily married couples had returned the favor."I could not have taken Tinder less seriously. It was summer, and I was in the Hamptons having fun! Jan, then fresh out of a two-year relationship just wanted to expand his dating pool and downloaded the app at the suggestion of a younger co-worker who had been having fun with it."You're probably the first engagement," I told her."The site is hook-ups and location-based booty calls with strangers, right?One night last fall, Lori Levine and Jan van Arsdale stared into one another's eyes across a table at ABC Kitchen, picked up their phones and simultaneously deleted their Tinder applications.Just like that, Levine and van Arsdale, who had met on Tinder a few months earlier, made a digital-age declaration of true love. In 2016, Tristan was the orchestrator for ITV's popular primetime TV drama 'Endeavour (Series 4)'.


Soon the inevitable becomes the inevitable and CE makes "love" to Anna (I just love that euphemism) despite the fact that he already has a most attractive girlfriend to whom he is seriously attached. Strange things suddenly begin to happen; and before you can say "uh oh" domestic bliss starts to unravel.

Related: The impetus for this story came about when Lori, 44, the CEO of Flying Television a celebrity-based marketing, PR, and events firm told me that she had met her fiancé Jan, a 48-year-old who works in institutional equity at Janney Montgomery Scott, on Tinder.

Lori is a pro at setting other people up—she has something like six marriages under her belt.

Tristan has arranged strings alongside Chris Wheeler for the established Indietronica band 'Hot Chip' as part of Nike's 'Unlimited You' workout event on Brick Lane and has also arranged music for two-time Mercury Award nominee 'Anna Calvi'.

In addition to this, he has worked as the assistant orchestrator for Drum and Bass artist 'Goldie' (MBE) for his concert at the Royal Festival Hall in 2015.

Julian is now faced with "a living hell" (to quote the DVD case) and must rely upon his own physical skills and the help of his friends to survive an unexpected ordeal.



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