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At first glance S-312 doesn’t sound like the best fit for a team environment like NOBLE.

However, we’ve been down a man for over a month—and frankly there are hidden benefits to a XXX like S-312. S-293’s 1156 has been filed since 22/04/2552, every active duty Spartan-II is on XXX for special training, and it seems that XXX wasn’t able to keep his own private grim reaper out of the pool—only time will tell if this luck is of the good or bad variety.

Dolezel also became the second former player in AFL history to win an Arena Bowl against a man who used to coach him.

By beating his former coach, Ron James, Dolezel joins Jay Gruden (vs.

It was the first time in Hills' career in which he didn't score at least two touchdowns in his eight career postseason games.

– Mykel Benson is going to remember the 2017 season for being something truly special.

He threw for 232 yards and four touchdowns against one interception.

The Philadelphia Soul are the holders of the Foster Trophy for a second consecutive season.Mykel Benson (Philadelphia): 15 (Arena Bowl XXX)Lynn Bradford (Detroit): 12 (Arena Bowl III) Tony Burse (Detroit): 8 (Arena Bowl VII) Derrick Ross (Jacksonville): 7 (Arena Bowl XXVIII) Kirby Griffin (Jacksonville): 7 (Arena Bowl XXIV) Brian Johnson (San Jose): 7 (Arena Bowl XXI) – Missed field goal returns in the AFL have more or less gone the way of the dodo bird.There was only one missed field goal that was returned out of the end zone this entire season, and there had only been one missed field goal return for a touchdown in Arena Bowl history – until Arena Bowl XXX.It was the first time any team in Arena Bowl history came back from down by more than one score to win.

Philadelphia used a 37-14 run to turn that 20-7 deficit into a 44-34 edge before the Storm scored with zeroes on the clock to cut the final score to 44-40.

PERFORMANCE: N/A COMMENTS: What little information I have been able to glean from around all of the redaction [note—I was quite literally expecting the ONI to start redacting page numbers] gives the impression that S-312 is more akin to a hyper-lethal vector than a soldier.


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