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Nearly a year ago now, I asked the question: Where the heck are the singles running groups in Philly?

Well, there still aren’t any running groups for singles in Philly (that I know of, at least), but there a singles run going down tonight.

Dating begins at 7pm sharp, when fellows move about the room to have a timed chat with other participants.

Taylor on Thursday said his bill would most likely be combined with a Senate bill that would allow speed cameras to be posted in highway work zones across the state, and might not get a vote until the General Assembly returns to Harrisburg after the summer break. He thought, "Gosh, this sort of thing must happen all the time here." The public focus is on the veteran additions the Eagles made to their receiving corps this offseason, but for three days this week, offensive coordinator Frank Reich got to work with his young receivers – draft picks Mack Hollins (fourth round) and Shelton Gibson (fifth), along with undrafted prospects such as former Houston quarterback Greg Ward and 2016 practice squad rookie Marcus Johnson. He came to the Daily News from the Charlotte Observer in May 1983, just as the Sixers were winning the NBA championship.We’ve got to get in and out of the huddle,” Reich said. “Explosiveness in and out of cuts, explosiveness with your hands, catching the ball – be quick with it, grab it, pull it in, tuck it. To the first part of Reich’s remarks, about getting lined up quickly and efficiently, Hollins noted that running backs coach Duce Staley often exhorts the players to “explode out, explode out” of the huddle, “beat the defense into a stance,” giving the quarterback more time to make adjustments.

“There is going to be an increased emphasis on trying to get the play clock going faster this year, maybe a split-second faster than it’s been. Overall, Reich gave the usual answer when asked to assess who has stood out. We see guys do things – we see Mack Hollins made a play, or Marcus Johnson, or ‘Pump’ (running back Donnel Pumphrey) … On the flip side, you always temper that because the pads aren’t on yet,” he said.Reich said Pumphrey, who said this week he’d never lined up in the slot before coming to the Eagles, has “exceeded expectations” as a receiver so far.



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