Sci fi dating

Matt proposed by arranging his Star Wars figurines in a diorama version of a Sci-Fi Speed-Dating room.

Keri’s engagement ring was hidden underneath Padmé Amidala of Naboo.

“Because people who meet me here, they see everything.” Three years ago, Keri Brugge was dressed as a Jedi knight when she sat down in front of future husband Matt Brugge at Glitch’s first Star Wars Celebration V speed-dating session.

Four months later, they were marching down a wedding aisle to the Star Wars theme song.

(LGBT speed dating generally occurs in separate sessions.) He is strict about lines.

“In Denver we had bigger lines than their A-listers.

How can I convey to my Shantnu, I've made some edits to your question to try to bring out the underlying writer's struggle more clearly, specifically the difference between what your readers know and what your characters know. This was how Tolkien did it, so you'd be in good company. When an American or European writes a history book today, they routinely use the Gregorian calendar even if that's not the calendar used by the people they're talking about.



When those people talk about dates, what should they say? At some point, unless all your characters are using a calendar which your reader understands, you If you are just using dates in narration, as opposed to in dialog, you could just use Gregorian dates.............................................................................


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