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The abuse of children through cybersex trafficking is physical and real, with victims forced to perform sex acts on themselves or other individuals, molested by an adult, or abused in other degrading ways. Western paedophiles, including customers from the UK, are abusing young children via the internet (IJM cases so far have involved customers from Australia, Canada, Germany, the UK and the United States).They use chat rooms and messaging services to purchase and trade child pornography, or to make connections with sellers located in a country like the Philippines who can offer a child to view live.IJM works with local justice system representatives (police, lawyers, social workers and judges) to strengthen their ability to implement the laws that are already in place that protect the poor and vulnerable from abuse and prosecute the criminals for this abuse.In the Philippines, there are currently four laws that criminalise the online sexual exploitation of children: an anti-trafficking law, anti-child pornography law, anti-cybercrime law and the anti-child abuse law.Like in the Philippines, criminals will be charged under a variety of UK laws, which may include those relating to child pornography.

The #Not On My Screen campaign is not directly challenging the issue of pornography, but instead the illegal sexual abuse of children that is occurring online that is being facilitated illegally through a form of trafficking.

The criminals are also unique from those we encounter elsewhere.

There is the local trafficker - often family or friend to the victim – who profit from the abuse.

The BBC said that a recent survey indicated that 80 houses in the area were involved in the trade, in spite of raids conducted by police.

Sex exploitation has become a “cottage industry” in the area, according to the BBC.

Before the internet, customers had to physically go to a bar or brothel to purchase sex from victims who were often young women or teenagers.


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