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I will go into the details of my approach in a follow-up post. Although it requires extensive use of VBA and may result in some performance issues, it definitely seemed to be the most flexible approach.

All of these approaches and solutions are workarounds and as such they have their disadvantages and limitations. The goal was to implement a VBA routine which creates a dynamic word cloud inside a Microsoft Excel workbook and meets the following requirements: I am planning to go into the details of the approach and implementation in a follow-up post.

With the right tweak, it can be a hunting bow with a laser scope! Add the Save As button to the toolbar and the process becomes just a bit faster. Of course, you are saved from all this (pun intended) if you just use the keyboard shortcut — F12.

The settings here combined with the keyboard shortcuts can power you through most jobs. Microsoft Word 2013 opens with Calibri at a size of 11. The change applies to the documents created from here on with the template you are using (E.g. An experienced user may just need the command name to appear and not the complete feature description that comes with it.

There are many reasons not to use the font in your documents. Another practical reason could be the evergreen requirement of Times New Roman for many publications. Click the downward arrow or press CTRL D to open the Font Dialog box. Enhanced descriptions can also show images, shortcut keys, and link to the Help section.

If you look at the full Tools menu you’ll see that there is now an Autocorrect Options menu item.

Select that and you’ll see a dialog with several tabs corresponding to the different types of automatic changes Word can make for you.— One of the surest signs of prowess over any software.



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