Dating a man divorced three times


Or maybe my married friends all met men who fell in love with them quickly. Bottom line for me is that I am just not into the casual dating just to date thing. When I refer to a serial dater I don't necessarily mean men who date alot of women but never get past the first date. The relationships last maybe 2 weeks to a month then they are onto the next lady.

In most cases they've been sexually intimate with these women. Also some serial daters date more then one woman at a time. It's as if once the reality sets in they start to find fault with their new love and they are on to the next lady. At least a man who's been married three times has had real relationships with the ups and downs that come with them.

I find men my age who are dating a million women one time are looking for someone who does not exist, or they are trying to sleep with a lot of different women, or they have no idea what type woman they are seeking.

I am interested in dating someone who wants to get married, so that limits my dating pool a lot.

The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. So, if a person didn't want a long-term relationship and wasn't interested in "till death do us part", then I'd say that the serial dater or multiple divorce person is probably a good fit (on that dimension only). I'm currently seeing someone who has been married 3 times, and while I was VERY careful to get ALL of the details, (at least those POSSIBLE from only one side of the story! But, as you yourself mentioned , those 'reasons' are really what counts in evaluating if this is someone that you want to be with or not.

Otherwise, stay away....unless the individual in question gives positive proof that he/she has changed from his weather-vane ways. In his case, his first marriage was when he was very young, had an "unexpected" child, and probably stayed together longer because of that. You know the REALLY dysfunctional one that we ALL have sooner or later!!

I guess I am too non-traditional in thought (and deed) to be able to give a decent comment on this one. Meet people, go out, have fun and when you find someone you lilke who likes you, give it a try. I guess my thinking is if a man meets me and likes me, he would want to date me and not a lot of other women.

Of course this depends on where he is in life and what he is looking for.

women came over and cooked for him, cleaned house for him and went out partying with him.women calling him up all hours of the night and he just looked at me and smiled. so there are some women out there that don't mind it either or he wouldn't have all those women calling him.


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