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“Stay Out of It” Something makes me think that Nissan would never advertise its Pathfinder with bouncing like this in America: Independent Suspension.

To learn more on what we look for check out the video below.

Nerval's Lobster writes: Ford and Chinese technology company DJI (which manufactures drones that specialize in aerial photography) used the spotlight of this year's CES to announce a developer challenge: figure out how someone can use the dashboard touch-screen to launch (and land) a drone from the back of a pickup.

While the challenge is framed as a "search-and-rescue system for the future," drone control from a moving vehicle has a lot more applications than search-and-rescue.


In 2014, Renault designed a concept car that came with a small flying drone controllable via tablet or preset GPS waypoints.

And it's why every CPO vehicle includes not one, but two General Motors-backed factory limited warranties.


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