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As Amnesty International statement notes: The regime of honour is unforgiving: women on whom suspicion has fallen are not given an opportunity to defend themselves, and family members have no socially acceptable alternative but to remove the stain on their honour by attacking the woman.The relation between social views on female sexuality and honor killings is complex.Women for the tribe were considered a factory for making men.The honour killing is not a means to control sexual power or behavior.Women in largely patriarchal cultures who have gained economic independence from their families go against their male-dominated culture.Some researchers argue that the shift towards greater responsibility for women and less for their fathers may cause their male family members to act in oppressive and sometimes violent manners in order to regain authority.



Alam argues that immigrants remain close to the home culture and their relatives because it provides a safety net.

Another key aspect is the importance of the reputation of the family in the community, and the stigma associated with losing social status, particularly in tight-knit communities.

The incidence of honor killings is very difficult to determine and estimates vary widely.

This change of culture can also be seen to have an effect in Western cultures such as Britain among South Asian and Middle-Eastern communities where honor killings often arise from women seeking greater independence and adopting seemingly Western values.


For women who trace their ancestry back to the Middle East or South Asia, wearing clothes that are considered Western, having a boyfriend, or refusing to accept an arranged marriage are all offenses that can and have led to an honor killing.What's behind it is the issue of fertility, or reproductive power.


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