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’ Because it was my moment with my family, which shouldn’t belong to anyone else.That’s ours.” I can’t imagine Linney handling this exchange in any way that’s not smiling and gracious with that necessary hint of rebuke.Jindabyne (2006) Probably the star’s least seen great film, and one she singles out as a neglected favourite, Ray Lawrence’s prickly reworking of a Raymond Carver short story traces the fallout from an Oz fishing trip, when Gabriel Byrne and buddies find a woman’s body but proceed with their weekend anyway.Linney, terrific as his reproachful wife, tries to make amends but gets tangled up in her own good intentions.“How wonderful that there was a person who within her lifetime needed no attention.Had no desire to advertise or cling to her identity, her status, with the most powerful man in the world.This sensible, nondescript character is quite unlike any Linney has played before. Her most memorable characters have had a combination of astute wit, career focus and either a leavening daffiness or a chilly sort of overbrightness.This tends to hinge on whether they’re good apples (as in You Can Count On Me or The Savages) or bad (The Truman Show, The House of Mirth). It’s a beautiful mansion on the Hudson, called Wilderstein, very close to Hyde Park [Roosevelt’s country retreat in New York state]. I got to go into her bedroom, which is not normally accessible.

’, and I was like, 'Well, if you delete my family photos!

In the film she plays Margaret “Daisy” Suckley, a distant cousin and close confidante of the President (Bill Murray) whom the script posits was also one of his mistresses.

It’s a deliberately drab sort of part: Suckley is the meek, buttoned-up onlooker to a pseudo-high-stakes encounter between FDR and George VI (Samuel West, mastering that now-familiar stammer) in June 1939. But she’s kind.” On screen, Linney has mastered quite a line in striving.

Things have to be declared, done, tweeted, and there’s not a sense of letting anything roundly develop. “I was at a film festival,” says Linney, whose second husband, Marc Schauer, works in real estate.


“We were taking a family photo, and some person came up and started taking pictures with their camera-phone.These days you’d tweet something or gab to someone. I mean, she was a vault.” How communication has changed since Suckley’s day is a subject that’s very much on Linney’s mind.



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