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Going against social norms and traditions, Dung and Phuong did not hide their lesbian relationship.

However, this love story ended when Dung was sent to prison for 3 years for her mafia activities.

The names on the monument are organized by unit complete with Unit insignia. Funds are needed to complete the Unit Memorial Monument and restore the Command Control Boat, Swift Boat and PBR displayed there.

Your donations to this effort would be appreciated.

I intend to post every relevant donated photo or story eventually. This Web Book has become so large I do not view some Pages for months at a time.

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Over 2100 Guestbook Entrys have been Cataloged into separate files by both record number and by Location, type of Unit, Vessel, Vessel type and other Categories.

This Web Book has become so large I now collect donated Photos and Information and revise the pages like a book edition semiannually.


Organized crime is involved in gambling, illegal immigration, prostitution, smuggling, bribery and murder. They had been jailed of colluding with government officials and participating in a murder.

Though her reign was short, it was characterized by wealth, power and love affairs that still draw curiosity to this day.

Born in 1965, Dung’s involvement in the mafia began in Cho Sat, Hai Phong, a city known as a hotbed for gang activity.

Even if severe punishments do come down the road...scaring off some potential rogues, there's a strong chance that the power vacuum will eventually be filled by other godfathers.


[Source: Margot Cohen, Far Eastern Economic Review, July 4, 2002 |=|] According to, a Russian site on organized crime: "The organization the Vietnamese mafia which has received a nickname "snake".Upon her release, she started expanding her criminal network to Saigon, which was controlled by Nam Cam – a notorious gangster in his own right. While asserting her power in Saigon, Dung met her fate with a deadly bullet from the gun of one of Nam Cam’s minions in 2000.


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