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The website has an exhaustive list of shooting locations for films shot in New York, from classics like .

Whether you traverse the city from location to location or wind up at one spot in particular, be sure to find those personal, meaningful places to stop by as you and your date go on a cinematic odyssey of the city.

Plus, the space used to be an antique store, and it still sort of feels like one. Hart’s is a tiny place in Bed-Stuy, and if you bring a date, they’ll be impressed that you know of such a cool neighborhood spot.

They’re also still serving the same exceptional pasta and risotto, and, for a place that’s been so good for so long, it isn’t as impossible to get a reservation as you’d think.

“Date night” can take many forms, whether you’re just getting to know someone or are out for your weekly “WE NEED TO KEEP THIS ALIVE” outing.


First opened in 1999 on the Lower East Side, The Slipper Room is a great choice, which has played host to a wide variety of live performances, and most notably, some excellent burlesque shows.

It’s a simple but upscale spot in the bottom of an apartment building in the West Village, and there are only about eight tables (as well as a bar).

Seeing as how there isn’t much space, it can be tough to get a reservation - but if you want if you want to impress a date with a 26-layer lasagna that you will not have to make yourself, this is the place. That’s a fact, and every person you will ever meet knows it.

As for the food, it’s good enough to keep you happy, but not so mind-blowing that you’ll forget to talk to each other. We like slice joints, but if you try to bring a date to a place like Joe’s, he or she might be slightly disappointed.

So if you want to eat pizza romantically, go to Ops.

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